LOSS OF WEIGHT The main purpose of weight loss is to increase the level, improve the quality and speed of recovery after intense sports. But what if the loss of weight is accompanied by other undesirable consequences, for example, the danger of cancer cells multiplying and the risk of the thyroid gland malfunctioning [1]. IN TEMPORARY WEIGHT The immune system weakens, physiological processes that require energy (calories) are suppressed, the body begins to lose weight. To maintain the level, the excess weight must first be shed, then it can be regained. The thyroid gland is particularly vulnerable. It does not respond well to hypothyroidism, but after removal of the excess, the thyroid returns to normal. If left untreated, hypothyroidism can progress to chronic hyperthyroidism, in which the thyroid gland is irreparably damaged [2]. An important aspect is the maintenance of the integrity of the thyroid gland. If the thyroid is abnormally weak, it becomes less effective, and eventually becomes useless. To restore the level, you need to: maintain an adequate daily caloric intake; improve physical activity and gain strength endurance; build up a sufficient amount of endurance. The main diseases of the thyroid gland: hypothyroidism, autoimmunity, under-the-thyroid papules; hyperthyroidism, autoimmunity, under-the-thyroid papules; excessive stress; over-the-top food intake. You can not only lose weight, but also get a disease. Consume less dairy products, eggs, wheat, sugar, starch, flour, and fiber, and more. You-you don't have to travel far a-to make ends meet.